The Lights Went Out at Camden Yards!

333 W Camden St, Baltimore, MD 21201, United States
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The Lights Went Out at Camden Yards!:

I was a huge Ken Griffey Jr. fan and had tickets to go see his Seattle Mariners take on Cal Ripken Jr. and the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards one summer night.  Unfortunately, the lights went out during the game and they could never get them back on.  They decided to give everyone admission for a day game the next day, but I had football 2-a-days and had to miss it.  I remember making a sign and trying to get on SportsCenter during the delay.  After sitting in the stadium for about an hour they called the game and all us angry fans left the stadium.  On the positive note I had some good food from outside the stadium which I was able to bring in.

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