Barry Sanders vs Bo Jackson

2000 Brush St, Detroit, MI 48226, United States
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Barry Sanders vs Bo Jackson:

I was at the Monday Night game between the Los Angeles Raiders and the Lions with my dad when the Raiders came from behind to win a hard-fought 38-31 victory over the Lions. The game featured two of the games’ best running backs — Detroit’s Barry Sanders and the Raiders’ Bo Jackson. Sanders finished the game with a 176 yards while Jackson led the Raiders with 129 yards including a 55-yard TD run. Los Angeles QB Jay Schroeder led the Raiders’ passing attack with three touchdowns, including a 68-yard scoring strike to Willie Gault.  It is too bad that Sander’s defense sucked because he was the man for so many years and couldn’t be stopped.  It was also very cool to see Bo Jackson play in person who I still consider to be the best athlete of all time.

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