Miguel and Jason lead the Tigers!

2100 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201, United States
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Miguel and Jason lead the Tigers!:

I saw the Tigers play a game against the Indians back in 2011.  The Tigers were led by the near Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera and the Aces Justin Verlander and Spritzer who now plays for the Nationals.  Verlander was an ace in the hole and just had nasty pitches to choose from and the Indians didn’t have a prayer of hitting him.  The Tigers with Cabrera were offensively very good and could really hit the ball to all parts of the field and were truly a team ball type of team.  The park was awesome and so much better than the old stadium.  The food selections and drinks made for a nice pleasant sunny day in Detroit and it has become one of my favorite stadiums to watch a game at.

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