Dodger Stadium Sports Fan Tips

Dodger Stadium is a venue in or near Los Angeles that is most often used for Baseball

Best insider tip for Dodger Stadium?

Dodgers Dogs. They are a staple. Simple, delicious super long frank that sticks out way past the bun. Only costs $5 and will quell your hunger pang any time. 

Dealing with scalpers at Dodger Stadium?

There aren't many of them fortunately. With so many deals on Stubhub, eBay, and even the stadium window, you shouldn't even be dealing with them.

Parking at Dodger Stadium?

Parking can be somewhat expensive ($20) in the stadium lots, so many locals recommend the Dodger Express. Park your car at Union Station, pay half the price for parking and hop on any one of the free buses than run every 15 minutes from station for the 2 hours before the game, and every 30 minutes during.

Traffic around Dodger Stadium?

Traffic is as to be expected..Bad. The stadium gates open to the public 2 hours before the start of every game, so why not go in, watch your home team finish up batting practice and maybe grab an autograph or 3.

Best food at Dodger Stadium?

Do as the locals do. In 2014, Dodgers Stadium built the bar and restaurant Think Blue BBQ out in left field. Littered with flat screens and loads of seating, many people buy the cheap seats and simply watch the game from the bar, enjoying the camaraderie and delicious food. Similarly, another ticket deal being the all-you-can-eat right field pavilion. Flat ticket price gets you unlimited Dodger dogs (a stadium staple), peanuts and nachos.

Best and worst seats at Dodger Stadium?

Common sense, but the nosebleeds are far from ideal. The crème-de-la-crème of seats, of course, being field level on all sides. However, and if you've got the coin to drop, by all means do so, because the Dug Out club is a full service, behind-home-plate, all you can eat buffet and bar ball game experience that is second to none.

Getting to Dodger Stadium?

It's a vehicle owners' city and never short on traffic jams. You ask any season ticket holder for their tips and tricks for a good time watching the Dodgers play ball, they all come back with a million different things to say but one common thread runs through, be one of the first to pull up Stadium Way.

Best giveaways at Dodger Stadium?

Every few Sunday games they'll have Viva Los Dodgers! A massive food truck and vendor paradise leading up to the game that celebrates the vibrant Latino culture thriving in Los Angeles. And, of course, they give out collectible Bobbleheads for certain games over the season. First 20 thousand get 'em, and they go quick. 

Best bars after the game at Dodger Stadium?

Three suggestions, two bars and one killer restaurant: People love The Short Stop for all the right reasons. Similarly, people love Gold Room for being close by, their $6 PBR/tequila shot combo is a massive favorite. Did I mention that comes with free tacos? Speaking of, the best Mexican restaurant around is easily El Compadre off Sunset Blvd. Hordes of fans are known to go there post game, but it's easily just as good as a standalone restaurant.

Safety at Dodger Stadium?

It's safe! After the very unfortunate Bryan Stow incident in 2011, security presence has nearly doubled with the assistance of LAPD off-duty officers making some extra bucks on the side by walking the games in uniform.

What to expect from the Dodger Stadium crowd?

Dodgers Stadium has a rabid fan base that only continues to grow due to the engaging, fresh and entertaining culture that pervades Stadium Way.

Artifacts to look for at Dodger Stadium?

From the giant foam finger, to the massive LA sign, these picture perfect attractions tend to grab fans' attention and hold it, long before the game starts.

Stores to hit up at Dodger Stadium?

Every level has a team store. Go toward the end of the season and Dodgers gear is usually on sale. I got a couple of t-shirts at the playoffs last year for $10 each.

Best pre-game bars at Dodger Stadium?

Try the Short Stop just around the corner in Echo Park. $6 PBR, no entitlement issues, an encouraging dance floor and plenty of TV screens. Lots of locals enjoy this no frills, all fun bar before and after the games given it's proximity to the stadium. 

Things to check out around Dodger Stadium?

Lining the outside of the stadium are massive art structures. From the giant foam finger, to the massive LA sign, these picture perfect attractions tend to grab fans' attention and hold it, long before the game starts.