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11500 Fenway South Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33913, United States

Very fun park!  The atmosphere is electric, and you can feel it the moment you hit the stadium.  Extreme party atmosphere.  The band playing outside before you enter certainly contributes to the energetic environment.  However, at the same time, there’s a very relaxing atmosphere here. Tons of friendly grandmotherly and grandfatherly like retirees who tend to leave early, but are so sweet to be around! This is not the kind of stadium that will break your bank.  Ticket prices and concession stands are reasonable.

Fenway lovers will feel right at home here, because it’s a very impressive replica, down to some very cool details, such as how every seat is so close to the action.  That’s a good thing, but you better look alive when someone’s up to bat.  Look alive and watch out for that ball!  If you catch it, you don’t want it to be upside your head.  It’s also a nice touch to hear the announcer tell you the weather report…for Boston!

And the food!  Don’t leave without a lobster roll or two (or more) in your system.  Divine! Tons of hospitality on behalf of the staff, and a great atmosphere for the whole family.  And the seats are comfortable, and nice and wide so as to accommodate all members of your family, large to small.

Fan Author: Nichole Choice / Photo credit: Ali Hanlon

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