Red Bulls take down Arsenal F.C. for the New York Cup

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Red Bulls take down Arsenal F.C. for the New York Cup:

It was late June last year and it was one of my first MLS games where we played a team that was not within the United States. Arsenal hands down used to be one of the better teams in the EPL. It was Thierry Henry’s final match against them and I could really feel the hype in the crowd. A team that was predicted to beat us got a little kick in the 32nd minute off an assist from the great Henry. The crowd was ecstatic because  we were obviously playing for the New York cup. A lot of close calls happened in the game that could have given Arsenal an equalizer, but the bulls managed to keep their heads in the game. The stadium was loud and we all cheered when the cup was presented during this upset. That win is definitely on Henry’s top 10 list.

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