Jun 09 2015

The 34 minutes of destruction

In 2012, The Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49’s in Super Bowl XLVII by only 3 points. Now this Super Bowl is famous for a few things, the Harbaugh brothers facing off, Ray Lewis’s retirement, the Destiny’s Child reunion but most notably, the 34 minute power outage that happened in the 3rd quarter. There … Read More

Jun 05 2015

The Annual Army-Navy Game

I was fortunate to see an Army/Navy game at M&T Bank stadium since they have been using other sites recently.  I went way early to the stadium so I could watch all the cadets walk into the stadium.  It was an awe inspiring experience to see them march in and take their seats.  The experience … Read More

Jun 05 2015

The Lights Went Out at Camden Yards!

I was a huge Ken Griffey Jr. fan and had tickets to go see his Seattle Mariners take on Cal Ripken Jr. and the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards one summer night.  Unfortunately, the lights went out during the game and they could never get them back on.  They decided to give everyone admission for … Read More