Jul 29 2015

Let The Speculation Commence!

Red Sox fans come here to check out spring training.  It’s a very intimate and low key experience that’s exciting and fun.  But since it’s training camp, it can be a dizzying and unpredictable experience, especially for ardent Sox fans who love to speculate about what the player rotation will be like for the upcoming … Read More

Jul 22 2015

Padres Friar the Dodgers

I attended a Dodgers vs Padres game during the summer and this has always been a pretty good rivalry, more for the Dodgers. The Dodgers for sure had the better team but the Padres ended up winning 3-1 in a pitching duel that only gave us 9 total hits.  It was fun to see Rookie … Read More

Jul 17 2015

Bases with Buffalo Bisons

My story with Coca-Cola Field is a little bit different from what regular Buffalo Bisons fans experience. One of my cousin’s friends is actually a trainer for some of the players, thus I was actually allowed to step down onto the diamond of Coca-Cola Field before one of their games. Before delving into my story, … Read More

Jul 07 2015


I saw a Yankees/Red Sox series in 2010 and it was something that I will always remember.  I heard that Boston fans hated the Yankees but to get to the game and see shirts that said Jeter Sucks, A-Rod swallows and I hate the evil empire among other shirts was crazy.  There were also cheers … Read More

Jul 04 2015

Yay go

This was my first live ball game. I love baseball so I wanted to finally see a game up close and personal. The game I watched was between the Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers, I went May 4th at like 6:00 pm so I can get my food and everything. I didn’t even pay … Read More

Jun 28 2015

Take Me Out to The Ballgame.

Friday nights at Oakland Coliseum are always a phenomenal way to greet the weekend. Walking into O.co Coliseum from the BART station with throes of other A’s fans, eager to eat, drink, and cheer on the team is always a great feeling. Driving is functional, but there’s just something about taking BART to the game. … Read More

Jun 27 2015

Juan Gone Gonzalez

The Rangers games have always been fun but I remember this game because it was the first time I ever saw myself on TV.  We were sitting in left field when home run guru Jan Gonzalez blasted a shot about 2 rows from me in the fifth inning.  The Crowd was jumping up and down … Read More

Jun 15 2015

Dodgers VS. Brewers

I was spending the summer with one of my best friends from college. She was a transfer from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and she had told me to come visit her over the summer. So I did! She had the entire week planned out for us. We went to a couple movies, she took … Read More

Jun 13 2015


Atlanta sports teams are always known for their gung-ho fans. The Atlanta Braves have no exception to this rule. First stepping on the premises of Turner Field, spectators of the sport absorb the electrifying energy that “the Ted” is always known for emitting. Turner has been the home of the Atlanta Braves since 1997 after … Read More

Jun 07 2015

Every time is like the first time

I’ve been to PNC Park dozens of times and every time feels just as breathtaking. The last time I was there, I was seated on the upper deck and yet the view was still one to die for. I always get lost in the view. No matter where you’re sitting you can always see the … Read More