Jul 20 2015

My Time In Smashville

Picture this:  It is August 1, 2014.  I got off work early on this Friday afternoon.  So, you know downtown traffic is extremely thick.  I decided to find a parking lot a few blocks away from the arena – and walk there.  I would say that it was nice … but we are talking about … Read More

Jul 07 2015

Wild on the Rink!

I saw the Wild play the Blackhawks in a game two years ago.  I had seen a game back when I was little with the North Stars and I know the city hated having them leave to all places Dallas.  However, the Wild are a good team and the fans come out in full force … Read More

Jun 26 2015

Great Seats and Even Better Venue!

This was my first time inside Amalie Arena and was instantly more than impressed with the sleek architecture, good fan management and a great view from the ice from everywhere! My seats were only three rows up from the ice so I was thrust right into the belly of the beast, and it was great! … Read More

Jun 11 2015

The Great Brett Hull

I was fortunate to see Brett Hull play back in 1996.  Hull was my Dad’s favorite hockey player and he loved Hull’s leadership, scoring ability, and hardnosed attitude.  We saw him play against the Red Wings in a game a few weeks before the playoffs.  Hull was amazing and had a goal and an assist.  … Read More

Jun 07 2015

Columbus Blues! Add the Jackets

I saw a game between the Blue Jackets and the Blackhawks in Columbus.  I sat behind the net about 10 rows up and thought they were going to be really good seats.  I really liked how close I was to the action when it was down at our end but when it was on the … Read More

Jun 05 2015

Lindros the “Beast”

I remember going to see the great Eric Lindros back in 1997.  The thing about Lindros is that he redefined the archetype of a hockey player. No one had seen a big, “hulk like” force that could also gracefully skate, shoot and score the way Lindros could. He destroyed people, too. In his early years, … Read More

Jun 05 2015

Sabres Sabre the Rangers!

I was in town for a December 2011 games between the Sabres and the New York Rangers.   The Rangers whooped up on the Sabres winning 4-1.  Unfortunately, there was a last second snow storm and the arena wasn’t as packed as I wanted it to be.  However, it was fun to see Matt Ellis skate … Read More

May 27 2015

Shark Attack!

I love hockey and sharks so naturally I had to attend a game at the SAP Center.  I have been to around a dozen Shark’s games and it’s a blast.  The games are a lot of fun and the Shark fans are very passionate being that they are on the west coast in California.  There … Read More