Aug 15 2015

The Rays Need Fans!

Going to a game at Tropicana is very heartbreaking because for some reason fans just do not come out to support the team.  I went to a game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Rays back when the Rays won their lone championship.  Even though the team was great with Price and Longoria the … Read More

Jul 22 2015

Padres Friar the Dodgers

I attended a Dodgers vs Padres game during the summer and this has always been a pretty good rivalry, more for the Dodgers. The Dodgers for sure had the better team but the Padres ended up winning 3-1 in a pitching duel that only gave us 9 total hits.  It was fun to see Rookie … Read More

Jul 08 2015

Miguel and Jason lead the Tigers!

I saw the Tigers play a game against the Indians back in 2011.  The Tigers were led by the near Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera and the Aces Justin Verlander and Spritzer who now plays for the Nationals.  Verlander was an ace in the hole and just had nasty pitches to choose from and the … Read More

Jul 08 2015

Cabrera, Fielder, Verlander and the Triple Crown

My favorite memory of the Tigers is watching Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder hit back to back.  This was and still is a great back to back lineup and has so much power that scares opposing pitchers.  I also remember Justin Verlander pitching and throwing his wicked slider and curve ball.  He has such command … Read More

Jul 07 2015


I saw a Yankees/Red Sox series in 2010 and it was something that I will always remember.  I heard that Boston fans hated the Yankees but to get to the game and see shirts that said Jeter Sucks, A-Rod swallows and I hate the evil empire among other shirts was crazy.  There were also cheers … Read More

Jul 07 2015

Kirby and Jack

My favorite Minnesota Twin experience was back in the days of Kirby Puckett and seeing the little man knock the ball around the Metro dome and seeing Jack Morris throw strikes after strike.  I used to love seeing games at the Metrodome because it was just like a big blow up blimp.  The new stadium … Read More

Jul 02 2015

Beltran bashes the Cubs

I saw the Astros take on the Cubs down at Minute Maid Park.  Carlos Beltran was the big star for the Astros and could hit with the best of them and also was a tremendous outfielder.  The Cubs had Alfonso Soriano and whose biggest mistake was leaving the Yankees.  He was 2-4 during the game … Read More

Jun 29 2015

Rangers need Nolan to Pitch

I saw a game between the Rangers and the Athletics a few years ago on a hot summers night.  This is when the Rangers still had Hamilton who was just crushing the ball all over the place.  He was trying to win the triple crown and it was unfortunate that he has so many demons … Read More

Jun 28 2015

Take Me Out to The Ballgame.

Friday nights at Oakland Coliseum are always a phenomenal way to greet the weekend. Walking into Coliseum from the BART station with throes of other A’s fans, eager to eat, drink, and cheer on the team is always a great feeling. Driving is functional, but there’s just something about taking BART to the game. … Read More

Jun 27 2015

Juan Gone Gonzalez

The Rangers games have always been fun but I remember this game because it was the first time I ever saw myself on TV.  We were sitting in left field when home run guru Jan Gonzalez blasted a shot about 2 rows from me in the fifth inning.  The Crowd was jumping up and down … Read More