Aug 23 2015

“Don’t get it confused, this is a football town”

In 2013 I was asking around about the enthusiasm for the seemingly up-and-coming New Orleans NBA team. But I was told, in no uncertain terms: “Don’t get it confused. This is a football town”. New Orleans is obviously known for many things other than sports. The Jazz music on Frenchman St, the busy nightlife in … Read More

Aug 13 2015

Manning and the Colts

I had the privilege of seeing the Colts play the Jaguars when Peyton Manning was there throwing to his good ol buddies Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, and Dallas Clark.  Manning also had Edgerin James and it is too bad he didn’t have a defense during these years because the offense was a well-oiled machine that … Read More

Jul 24 2015

The Greatest Cocktail Party in the World

I saw the greatest outdoor cocktail party between the Georgia Bulldogs and Florida Gators back when both schools were really good.  The game featured Tim Tebow of Florida during his first Heisman campaign as a Sophomore where he was just so pumped up all the time running into linebackers and bouncing off of them in … Read More

Jul 22 2015

Where’s Johnny Football??????????

I was hoping to see my boy Johnny “Football” Manziel but somehow Hoyer was still playing quarterback into the season. I did get to see his college teammate and fellow rookie WR Mike Evans, catch a couple of TD’s in the game for the Buccaneers.  Cleveland played like the leagues top defense in the AFC, blocking … Read More

Jul 22 2015

Rivers through the Sea

I attended the game between the San Diego “Super” Chargers where Phillip Rivers (who has one of the worst arms in the NFL) threw three touchdowns to tight end Antonio Gates in their 30-21 victory over the defending Super Bowl Champions the Seattle Seahawks.  The game was memorable because Richard Sherman and the Seahawks defense were stifling … Read More

Jul 22 2015

Ginn and Newton beat Brady and Gronk

I saw the New England Patriots take on the Carolina Panthers on a Monday Night game.  The Panthers ended up winning 24-20 thanks to a 83-yard touchdown march, capped by Cam Newton’s bullet to Ted Ginn Jr., with 59 seconds left. Then the great Tom Brady directed New England downfield for a last-gasp throw from … Read More

Jul 08 2015

Barry Sanders vs Bo Jackson

I was at the Monday Night game between the Los Angeles Raiders and the Lions with my dad when the Raiders came from behind to win a hard-fought 38-31 victory over the Lions. The game featured two of the games’ best running backs — Detroit’s Barry Sanders and the Raiders’ Bo Jackson. Sanders finished the … Read More

Jul 08 2015

Megatron is Amazing

I was lucky enough to see Calvin Johnson or better known as  “Megatron” play against the Chicago Bears in the opening week of NFL.  The game was highlighted when Johnson caught a pass with 31 seconds left in regulation in the end zone for what looked like a game-winning touchdown. However, the referee ruled the catch … Read More

Jul 07 2015

The Great Tom Brady

I saw the Patriots play the Bills a few years ago and got to see the great Tom Brady play.  I don’t really like the Patriots because of Bill Billicek but I really like Tom Brady.  Brady zipped balls into Gronkowski, Welker, and others like a sharp shooter.  The way he commanded the field was … Read More

Jul 07 2015

Quarterbacks are hurt everywhere

I saw a game between the Vikings and Bears which went into overtime.  The Bears were missing their loser quarterback Jay Cutler and the even more horrible Josh McCown was playing.  Matt Cassell led the Vikings after the horrible Christian Ponder went down with injury.  (You can tell how much I hate these pathetic quarterbacks.)  … Read More