Feb 15 2016

Now I “do” NASCAR!

I admit that I have never been into NASCAR.  I mean I’ve never even watched it on TV.  But you start dating a girl that’s a “to die for” fan, what’s a boy to do but to give it a try.  I absolutely loved RIR.  Just driving in and parking with people literally everywhere walking … Read More

Aug 13 2015

Richmond International Raceway

Richmond International Raceway is home to NASCAR racing, exposition halls, an amphitheater, and hosts fairs, festivals, concerts, and food fairs. The Virginia State Fair is also held here. Covering 1,000 acres, the raceway is ¾ mile (enlarged from its former ½ mile), seats over 94,000 guests, and usually is at 80% to 100% capacity. “Racing … Read More

Aug 13 2015

Indy Speedway is Fast!

The Indy Speedway should be on every person’s bucket list and some might say that this is boring watching cars drive around in circles.  However, this is an unbelievable spectacle of watching cars go over 200 MPH and the sound of the engines, the smell of gas and food, and the entertainment of drunken hicks … Read More

Jul 13 2015

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is home to the Indy 500 Indy car series speed racing. This and the Daytona 500 are the two must see car races for sports fans and even those who know nothing about cars. The place is filled with celebrities like David Letterman, Peyton Manning, Danica Patrick, Ashley Judd and the … Read More