Our Story

The idea for SWiAM came about through a trip to New York City.

Being big sports fans, Adrian Gale & Matt Scully were keen to find out what sports were on offer during their stay. They not only wanted to understand what games were on, they were also looking for ways to buy tickets and merchandise without getting ripped off. To avoid the dreaded tourist tag, they tried really hard to get local answers to their questions. Questions such as, Where are the best bars to go to? What is the best way to get to the game?, Where are the best value for money seats? and What food could they expect to buy at Madison Square Garden?

This process proved to be surprisingly difficult. They wasted a lot of time searching through schedules, league websites and forums for tickets, and looking  for local advice that was often not available or not authentic. Since then, the SWiAM team have built an all in one solution, whereby travelling sports fans can get all of the information they need, to make their sporting trip an event to remember.

What We Believe

SWiAM believe that every game can be an event. An event is bigger than a game itself. When you recall some of your favourite sporting experiences, you remember much more than just the final score. It’s about the pre game rituals, the crowd interactions, the food, the journey to and from the game and the unique local customs. These all play a part in turning your game into an event.

At SWiAM we want to empower sports fans with the information they need to have the most authentic and memorable game experience possible. By doing so, we hope to turn your game into an event to be remembered.

"I recommend going to a Christmas day NBA game at least one time in your travels. The whole experience is crazy and your family will eventually get over it"
"On my last US trip, I spent hours researching and planning how to get to as many big league games as possible. Funnily enough it was a spur of the moment decision to attend a Georgetown college hoops game in DC that gave me the most authentic, electric and memorable experience ever. Sometimes it pays to be spontaneous, particularly when it comes to sports!"
"Getting nostalgic thinking back to being there and supporting Barcelona at El Clásico, the worlds biggest club football game. A sporting bucket list moment."
"This photo was taken in Prague after I'd just watched Chris Judd take a zombie Carlton team into the second round of the 2013 AFL finals. That's what I love about sports: It might be the last place left where you can still feel like anything is possible."
"Baseball is the great American pasttime. Catch a game whereever you can. Yankee Stadium is the Mecca, but even minor league parks carry with them the aura of days gone by."
Jen & Julien
"We recommend going to a NY Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. Treating ourselves to great seats on our vacation meant we had an awesome night & have lasting memories of our trip."
"For me it's so much more than who won or lost, like last year watching Le Bron play with the Cavs V Knicks at Madison Square Garden, I rarely mention the score of the game, it’s way more than that. It's watching the players, catching the subway to the game, eating the best hot dog I've ever eaten and interacting with the crowd."
"Old or new, Yankee Stadium will always stand above the rest. Add it to your list."

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