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Los Angeles

Insider tip for USC games: Arrive early and tailgate

Posted by: Steve G On: 15 Apr 2014

Arrive early and tailgate. Tailgating at a USC home game is one of the greatest experiences a fan can have. There are so many alumni, fans, and students that participate. Also, the earlier you come, the better parking you can get, and the more fulfilling the experience will be. Get to your sea...

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Los Angeles

Where to sit at the LA Memorial Coliseum

Posted by: Steve G On: 15 Apr 2014

I sat in the student section (sundeck) just behind the field goal. The crowd was all students, in addition to the Trojan Marching Band. The crowd was very rowdy, and noisy. It was a sea of cardinal and gold. One memorable moment was the feeling knowing that we were about to beat Stanford, and ...

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Los Angeles

Best times to get food at Trojans games at the LA Memorial Coliseum

Posted by: Steve G On: 15 Apr 2014

They have everything you could ever imagine. There are stands throughout the Coliseum offering a variety of choices, from bacon-wrapped hot dogs to classic stadium treats such as nachos and pretzels. I very much enjoyed the food that I got.

The best time to get food is a few minut...

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What is the best pre-game ritual?


  • Chicago Bulls player introductions in the 1990's   —   23.08%
  • The All Blacks Haka   —   53.85%
  • Former NFL defensive tackle John Henderson and the 'Slap'   —   7.69%
  • Rasheed Wallace doing the Fresh Prince of 'Detroit'   —   15.38%

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