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Fashion Capital becomes Basketball Capital

Posted by: SWIAM On: 25 Apr 2014

The Countdown to the Euroleague Final Four is on!

"Besides the most interesting basketball games on the continent, they will be able to witness many other different attractions, as we consider the Final Four to be a global concept for the whole city, not only for the foreign or...

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​‘At United Center? You must make time to see MJ.’

Posted by: Andrew Gastelum On: 24 Apr 2014

Make sure not to miss the famous Michael Jordan statue outside of Gate 4. The 2,000-pound statue is a major attraction for fans of any sport since 1994. Sometimes, fans will even put a Blackhawks or Bulls jersey on the statue for big games. Nevertheless, it’s worth a trip around the stadi...

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​‘Where to sit in Bulls/Blackhawks games’

Posted by: Andrew Gastelum On: 24 Apr 2014

The one thing that stands true for any event at the United Center is the cost of a ticket. Tickets to Bulls or Blackhawks games are expensive from both the ticket office and secondhand sites. For Bulls games, the upper deck seats don’t have a bad view, but it’s still far enough where it’...

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