SWiAM Frequently Asked Questions

The first step in making a game an event to remember, is to be there! Buying your ticket is an integral step in this process. We have set out some common information regarding sourcing tickets on Sports Where i Am below. If you need more information you can contact us and we will be sure to have your back.

Where is Sports Where I Am based?
We are an Australian based and owned company. Since 2012 we have been helping travellers from around the world heading to the United States get their Sports tickets and fan advice. We also help a load of US Sports fans get their local tickets in an easy and reliable way. SWiAM has recently expanded its offering to provide both European and Australian tickets and game info!

We are constantly growing the number of countries, cities and venues we cover! We have a team in Australia, the US and the UK to answer all of your ticket related questions plus more.

How can I contact Sports Where I Am?


For general enquiries or if you’d like help on anything prior to purchasing your tickets, contact our Customer Service team in AUS here.

Call us

Australia: 1300 995 136 (7am – 11pm AEST, 7 days/week)

Canada: +1 (844) 425-5538 (7am – 1am EST, 7 days/week)

UK/Europe: +353 1 697 2184 (8am- 10pm CET, 7 days/week)

USA: +1 (844) 425-5538 (7am – 1am EST, 7 days/week)

All other countries: +61 (0) 3 6111 3513

Why should I buy my tickets through Sports Where I Am?
We understand that purchasing sports tickets in an unfamiliar country can be tricky. This is why we have selected partners that are trustworthy, offer great customer service and provide money back guarantees. Take comfort in knowing that we have done the hard work for you and found the right provider for your needs.

We know Sports. Unlike many ticket websites that have offerings across a wide range of entertainment areas, our core business is Sport. At SWiAM the ticket is an important part of game day, but, we know it’s only one part. The team strives to make every game an event to be remembered for all of our customers. We build our business around fans improving other fans game day experiences, so you can ditch the dreaded tourist tag and see sports like a local.

Our 7 day Customer Service is just the beginning. We will ensure we are here to answer any specific questions you have prior to making that important decision to get your game ticket. Don’t just listen to us though, there are also over 5,000 pieces of advice from local fans listed in and around the stadiums to help you with your upcoming game experience!

How safe is my private data on Sports Where I am?
Incredibly safe. We want to be the least ‘spammy’ site going around and we want you to know that what you receive from us is gold! With that in mind, we’ll never sell or share your email address or other personal information. You can check out our full privacy policy here.
What is the Secondary Market?
The secondary ticket market has changed the way people get to see games today. It is a billion dollar market in the US and allows fans to grab tickets to sold out or tough to access events. It has been operating in the US, UK and wider since the 1990’s and is popular way fans of all walks get to the game! Technology has also meant that the supply and delivery of tickets has been streamlined and fans now have greater opportunities at their fingertips.

Generally speaking, after buying their tickets from the primary market(team, venue or ticketmaster equivalent) sellers or season ticket holders decide to resell their tickets at a price that reflects the market, and prices often rise and fall with supply and demand. The result is that tickets on our website are often sold either above or below face value. The price on your ticket may look different to what you paid. This is because the US/UK sports industry uses dynamic pricing. This means that prices for an event can change depending on demand, availability, popularity, the ticket reseller, and other factors.

Sports Where I Am has access to a massive online exchange, where ticket sellers can list their inventory. Because of this, we do not charge your credit card, own, price, or ship the tickets listed on our website. All of those parts of your transaction are handled by the individual sellers listing their tickets on our exchange. Sports Where I Am’s purpose is simply to connect ticket buyers with a lot of ticket options.

What about pricing?
We spend hours and hours checking competitor websites to make sure Sports Where I Am users are still getting great deals. We are a resale marketplace, not the ticket seller so prices are set by 3rd party sellers so may be above or below face value depending on demand, availability, popularity and other market factors.

We always encourage users to shop around and compare the same tickets elsewhere but we are confident we have a huge inventory with very competitive pricing.

What currency are prices listed in?
We currently list all US/Canada & UK/Europe events in USD.

All Australian events are displayed in AUD.

If you have questions regarding conversion please contact us.

What is the Service Fee?
Most secondary ticket websites include a ‘service fee’ on checkout. The service fee helps cover operating costs, so that we can provide you with excellent customer service and maintain a secure and convenient website for you to order those must have tickets!

Some websites choose not to display this fee, instead building it into the ticket price. This is where we are more than happy for our users to shop around and compare overall ticket prices, as we are confident we have it nailed! Sports Where I Am also strives to keep our service fee at a competitive low rate versus the rest of the industry.

Is my transaction safe?
When buying tickets using Sports Where I Am, you can be assured that you are conducting a safe transaction.

The checkout process goes beyond what is considered standard internet security, the website and offices are PCI Compliant and McAfee Secure. Any questions you have about your order will be handled swiftly and efficiently by a professional customer service team. Additionally, if there are any issues with a seller fulfilling your order, your purchase is 100%+ guaranteed.*

*See below to read more about SWiAM’s buyer protection guarantees.

How am I protected when buying tickets through Sports Where I Am?
For all US/Canada based events, we have a 100% money back guarantee. Yep, you got it. 100%.

For UK/European based events, we have a 150% money back guarantee.

That should make you sleep easier the night before your game.

Tell me more, what are the details of the SWiAM Money Back Guarantees?
A 100% money back guarantee applies for US/Canada based event tickets. A 150% money back guarantee applies for UK/Europe based event tickets. The key points are:

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if:

  • Your order is accepted, but not delivered by the seller.
  • Your order is accepted by, but delivered too late by the seller for the tickets to arrive in time for the event.
  • You were denied entry because of the tickets or invalid tickets were provided by the seller.*

* Verified proof must be provided by the venue in written letter format. Written or stamped “voids” do not constitute verified proof.

*150% Money Back for UK/Europe 

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if:

  • You were denied entry because of the tickets or invalid tickets were provided by the seller.*

* 100% refund for a cancelled event excludes shipping.

In summary, your ticket will always;

  • Arrive in time for the event.
  • Be real, legitimate tickets valid for entry.
  • Be the exact tickets you ordered or comparable alternates.
  • Be completely refunded (minus shipping) if the event is cancelled.
Will my seats be together?
Tickets are guaranteed to be together, unless the seller’s notes say otherwise. If tickets are listed in a general category, zone, section, or row, we guarantee that they will be together. Examples of these sorts of notes are: “Zone A,” “Section 200,” “Row 102,” etc.

However, sometimes the notes say something like “Section 2, rows A-Z” or “Section 2, Rows A and B, piggybacked” which lets you know that the seats may not be together. If they are “piggybacked,” it means one seat is in front of the other, but in 2 separate rows.

There is someone else’s name on my ticket? Have I been scammed?
No. Don’t stress, there will almost always be someone else’s name on the ticket when buying US based events on Sports Where I Am. The name on a customer’s ticket will be the name of the original purchaser. Our team experienced this exact thing when buying tickets on our first trip to the US, we all got in to the games fine!

The name on the tickets will not at all affect your ability to access the event. The most important aspect is that the bar code on the tickets scans when entering the event.

When will I receive my tickets?


You should expect to receive your E-tickets via email in the week leading up to the event. Event organisers and venues typically issue tickets very close to the event date, often only days before.

Instant Download E-tickets:

Our team likes these type of tickets best! In most cases, e-tickets marked as “Instant Download” will be available for you to download and print within minutes of placing your order.

However, in order to protect against fraudulent purchases, some orders may require additional processing time.  If this applies to your order, it will be noted in your order confirmation email, and your e-tickets will usually be available for you to download within one (1) business day.

For this reason, we suggest if you are ordering for a Near-Term Event(game is within an hour or so) to call us direct, particularly if the order is to be placed outside standard business hours. This will give us a better chance of processing the order and get you to the game!

Mobile Tickets:

Some teams use Mobile Tickets, these will be delivered as a barcode that will sit within your device and where you need an internet-enabled device (smart phone, tablet) to enter the stadium. This will be stated before you purchase your tickets. These types of tickets will become more and more popular over time but right now are only a small portion of tickets.

Physical Tickets:

Many ticket sellers make their tickets available to you before they have even been printed, which gives customers an edge on getting great seats in advance. Because this sometimes happens, tickets may not be “in hand” at the time of purchase.

Seller notes often indicate when an order will ship (at the latest), so customers know when to expect their tickets. They may also note that tickets are “in hand,” which means they can ship immediately. After your tickets have shipped, you will receive a FedEx tracking number, so you may track your purchase.

Tickets are shipped via FedEx. Shipping via FedEx is secure and safe for both ticket buyers and sellers on our website. Shipping through FedEx allows ticket sellers to ensure that the tickets they sell have arrived to the proper recipient, and ticket buyers can track the progress of the package.

Delivery fees for customers are based on the location of the ticket seller versus the location of the end customer (the event location is irrelevant). International Express fees may apply for non US customers. An international delivery fee therefore means that the seller supplying your order is not based in your home country and thus must ship internationally.

How do I download my E-tickets or Mobile Tickets?

When your E-tickets or Mobile Tickets are ready, you will receive an email from Sports Where I Am with instructions on what to do.

You can print your E-tickets, or download and save them as a PDF. Please note that only one copy of the barcode will be accepted at the venue.

Mobile Tickets must be accessible via an internet-enabled device at the stadium.

How do I go about receiving my tickets if I'm travelling prior to the date of the event?

There is no need to worry if you are travelling to get to the event or traveling city to city before the event.

We always recommend that if you haven’t purchased your ticket yet and know this will be the case to select ‘Electronic Delivery Only’ tickets in the ‘More Options’ section of the ticket filters. This way you will only be displayed tickets you can retrieve digitally whilst traveling. When our team is travelling as above we often buy ‘Instant Download’ tickets if they are available so we have them asap, E-tickets are also a great option.

E-tickets(inc. Instant Download) and Mobile Tickets will be available via the internet. Physical Ticket delivery tickets are still an option if you are home or have a fixed address prior to traveling and will be organised well before you travel.

If you have not received your US ticket(s) within 48 hours of the event, please email Ticket Support or call +1 (844) 425-5538.

How do I check order status for US tickets?
On most occasions you can track your order using MyTicketTracker, which is a secure platform where you can view details about your ticket orders and download any e-tickets you may have purchased.

To download E-tickets from MyTicketTracker.com;

  • Go to MyTicketTracker.com, and enter your email address and unique order PIN to log in. You’ll find your PIN in the order receipt you received via email.
  • After logging in, you’ll see purchase details for your order, along with a link to download your tickets. This link is located next to the “Delivery Method” section of your purchase details and will say “Download Tickets.”
  • For security purposes, you then will be asked to confirm that you agree to the MyTicketTracker Terms and Conditions. To proceed with your download, select “Yes” to confirm your agreement and click “Continue.”
  • You can now download your e-tickets! You’ll see the message “Click here to view and print your tickets.” Just click the words “Click here,” which will be a blue link.
  • You’ll see a pop-up window that allows you to either open or save the e-ticket file. You should choose to open the file. Adobe Acrobat Reader will automatically open with the e-tickets. Within Adobe Acrobat Reader, there will be one page per ticket. (i.e. If you bought four tickets and downloaded one file, the Adobe file will be four pages long. If you bought four tickets and downloaded four Adobe files, there will be one page for each file.)
  • You should then print your tickets and take them to the event.
The event is soon and I need a ticket. What can I do?

If you are buying tickets for a Near-Term Event(game within an hour or so) we recommend calling our Customer Service Centre for assistance as some online orders require extra processing time(longer than 1 hour), particularly if the order is placed outside of normal business hours.

Some ticket sellers will choose to deliver tickets close to the event by one of three methods: will-call, local pickup, or email.

  • Will-call means that you will pick up the ticket at the venue box office window.
  • Local pickup will require that you pick up your tickets at a location up to 30 minutes away from the venue.
  • Email means that the seller will email you the tickets before the game.

These delivery methods are at the discretion of the seller and if you are purchasing online be sure to choose tickets where the listing specifically states one of these methods, or contact the seller after buying a ticket to confirm that you will be able to get a ticket by will-call, local pick-up, or email. Same-day order tickets are subject to the $15.00 Near-Term Delivery option.

E-tickets marked as “Instant Download” are usually also available for you to download and print within minutes of placing your order. However, in order to protect against fraudulent purchases, some orders may require additional processing time.  If this applies to your order, it will be noted in your order confirmation email, and your e-tickets will usually be available for you to download within one (1) business day, so if purchasing “Instant Download” tickets try to do it the day before the game!

What is the best way of accessing tickets as an International Customer?
For events in the US/Canada, we suggest to select ‘Electronic Delivery Only’ in the ‘More Options’ tickets filter area. This will mean the ticket will get emailed to you, which we think is the most convenient option for a traveler. The Delivery Method for the tickets will also be confirmed at the Checkout.

Alternatively, there are 3 main ways that you can access US based events as an International Customer;

  1. Order tickets and input a US-based shipping address: You should use this option if the event is more near-term in nature and you could potentially have the tickets shipped to a friend’s house in the US or even a hotel.

  2. Order tickets marked as being available for will call, email, local pickup (etc): Tickets are only available using one of the above methods if that method is specifically advertised on the listing notes and/or during checkout.

  3. Order tickets and input your home address for shipment: You should use this option if the event concerned is more than 2 weeks away and the tickets will likely ship before you depart for your travels. Please note that you can always contact your ticket supplier directly to provide an alternate (US-based) address (if needed). International Delivery to AUS can be approx. $40 USD so it is far more preferential to purchase E-Tickets if they are available and you like the seating as the fee for E-Tickets is far less ($7.50 USD).

Can I cancel my order after I have placed it?
As a general rule, all sales are final. Please be absolutely sure you want to purchase the tickets before ordering. If you have any concerns please contact us.
What if the event is cancelled?
If an event gets permanently cancelled, you are eligible for a 100% refund.

Please note that the refund constitutes the price you paid for the tickets, and does not include shipping costs that you may have incurred as part of the purchase process. For more details, please refer to the Sports Where I am Policies for the purchase agreement.

Why was my order rejected?
Due to the nature of our exchange, there is usually some lag time between when tickets are purchased and when the ticket listings are updated. As tickets are sold, sellers must manually update their listings. This means that your tickets may have been ordered by another customer before you had the chance to submit yours. This is an extremely rare occurrence, but if it should happen to you, please contact +1 (844) 425-5538 and the customer service representatives would be happy to help you find a similar seat or a seat at a similar price.

To ensure SWiAM can offer great tickets at great prices we have systems in place to prevent fraud. Our system may block orders if there is a red flag raised. Some reasons an order may be blocked are; 1) If billing information does not match contact information 2) If there are large or multiple transactions attempted in a short period. If you are placing a genuine order and receive an email that there was a problem with your order, contact the number on the email asap or call +1 (844) 425-5538 

Why am I getting an error message when attempting to checkout?
Our checkout requires your ‘Full Name’ entered to match the name on the credit card being used, including middle initial if there is one. In some cases users put slight variations of their name and the system won’t let the checkout proceed so be sure to match these up.

You should also check if your credit card details match your billing address because if not our fraud detection system will block the order.

The bank has rejected my order
As a security measure, banks will often initially reject an order if it’s for an overseas transaction. It’s best to call your bank and let them know that you want this order to be accepted.

If a bank has rejected my order, do I need to book that ticket again?
Unfortunately, you will have to re-book this order. Please make sure you have spoken with your bank first to let them know the transaction is not fraudulent before attempting to re-book.

I have a deduction on my credit card statement but no tickets
This is a pre-authorisation amount only. This has put a hold on your funds, it hasn’t yet charged you this amount. These funds will be released and will be available for you to use again within the next 5-7 days (this differs according to your bank, so we advise you to speak with your bank to confirm the timings).

Why do you take a pre-authorisation?
The pre-authorisation is a necessary measure to prevent people from using fraudulent credit cards. If we did not have a pre-authorisation procedure, and a fraudulent credit card was purchasing tickets, it would not only mean there would be less tickets available for genuine buyers like yourself, it would also artificially inflate the prices of the tickets. The ticket prices are market determined, so if the supply of tickets was to artificially reduce, it has a resulting effect on the cost of the tickets you would have to pay.

When will I receive my tickets?
This will differ according to the game, venue, proximity to the date & ticket type. Some tickets are ‘Instantly confirmed’, which as the name suggests, gets delivered to you instantly. Others require a physical drop-off at your hotel or house address, some are mailed to you etc. We will be in constant contact with you throughout your purchase, however if you ever have any concerns about your ticket delivery please contact us via any of the below channels http://sportswhereiam.com/contact/

Some of the European events have limited seating information?
You will notice that some of our European events don’t provide the actual seat numbers, only the relative area of the ticket. Our partners have access to tickets from a given region of those stadiums and thus the final seat details are confirmed closer to the game. We believe it is more important for the travelling sports fan to know that they are guaranteed to have a seat, which is protected with a money back guarantee vs. knowing the exact seat details on purchase.

Something has gone wrong with my order, help!

If we haven’t answered your question in the above, or you just prefer to talk to someone, there are a few options for you.


For general enquiries or if you’d like help on anything prior to purchasing your tickets, contact our Customer Service team in AUS here.


Australia: 1300 995 136 (7am – 11pm AEST, 7 days/week)

Canada: +1 (844) 425-5538 (7am – 1am EST, 7 days/week)

UK/Europe: +353 1 697 2184 (8am – 10pm CET, 7 days/week)

USA: +1 (844) 425-5538 (7am – 1am EST, 7 days/week)

All other countries: +61 (0) 3 6111 3513