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Parking near Madison Square Garden   view map

233 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001, USA

Now – New York City, isn’t a place that is known for an abundance of parking – For a relatively stress free journey to the stadium, you should really think about taking public transport or hopping in a cab – but if you are determined to drive – there are a few places you can try.

On weekdays – there is street parking on several roads nears Madison Square Garden – especially 35th,36th, 37th and 38th street. This spots become available for you to park in after 6 or 7pm. Now, as you can imagine, these spaces get taken pretty quickly – so either get there a few hours in advance and scope out a potential spot, or bring your lucky rabbits foot and cross your fingers.

On a weekend there are also some potential spots around this area – as well as the area from 29th Street, down to 24th Street (see map below). The parking restrictions don’t apply on a Saturday which means you can enjoy the game that little bit more knowing you scored some free parking.

If you aren’t lucky enough to snag a free spot – there are a lot of parking garages in the area. Unfortunately MSG doesn’t have an official garage attached – but there are private garages that make up for it. A lot of these facilities also have the option to download and print a coupon from their website – getting you a better deal.

Icon Garage’s have 9 facilities in the area and their nightly rates range from $15-25, with the costs rising slightly to $15-30 for parking at the weekend.

SP+ garages have rates that are slightly more expensive, with prices starting at $21-45. Both of these garages have the option to also reserve your spot online in advance – this reduces the frustration at driving around a garage for ages desperately seeking a spot!

With MSG being one of the most well known venues in the world – it is quite rightly served by numerous different train and bus services. Indeed, it seems like you can take a train from anywhere and end up at a Knicks or Rangers game. Train numbers #1, #2, #3, A, C, E, D, F, N , Q, and R, all stop at Penn Station which is directly below MSG. Otherwise hop on the number M20, M34 M34A, or Q32 bus and they will drop you off just a minute away!

Map for 233 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001, USA

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