What a Dream!

1 Philips Dr, Atlanta, GA 30303, United States
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What a Dream!:

For one of our dates, my boyfriend decided to treat me to a basketball game and dinner. We had gone to Atlanta for the weekend to attend my family reunion. To culminate it all, he got us tickets to see the Atlanta Dream vs the LA Sparks. I was actually surprised that it was a WNBA team and not an NBA team! He got smooches for that one :). The arena was well groomed and very large. We had about 45 minutes before the game started so we went down the Hawk Walk for a few to find food and drinks.

We ended up getting a large popcorn and some sodas, since everything else was a little bit more expensive and we had planned on getting something to eat later on in the night after the game. We went to our seats, which were located on the side of the court, and gave a great view (not too far, not too close). We were actually not too far away from the court itself in my opinion! The game started and it was going really good and it got really intense pretty quickly. Both teams were closing in on each other and by the time it was halftime, the Dream was only up by a couple of points. At this point, we had finished our popcorn and my boyfriend went to go and get a free refill.

The game ended with the Dream having close to a 10 point lead over the Sparks, which was really good – seeing that it was the team that we were both rooting for. It was a perfect date, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! We are hoping to go again sometime. We wanted to go to the Iggy Azalea concert that was supposed to happen in October, but unfortunately, it got cancelled. Better luck next time I guess!

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