Since our founding in 2012, we’ve been a travel service for sports fans visiting a new city: a place to find all of the information needed for experiencing sports events at a travel destination. Our aim is to simplify the process by compiling schedules, tickets, maps, accommodation, and more into one customisable service.

The focus of Sports Where I Am is to be useful for every travelling sports fan. We want them to have less browser tabs open, less time needed on research, more lifelong memories created.

Matt Scully, CEO

Our Team

Matt Scully

Matt Scully

Co Founder & CEO

Adrian Gale

Adrian Gale

Co Founder

JordanImage Digby

Jordan Digby

Co Founder & CTO

Benn Scully

Benn Scully

Head of Marketing


Andrew Hickey

Travel partnerships


Adam Fiske

Sport partnerships


Carlie Merenda

PR Manager


Nick Riewoldt

Brand Ambassador

Siva Krishanan

Siva Krishanan

Business Manager- SE Asia


Sarah Juchima

USA Brand Advocate

Adriano del Monte

Adriano del Monte

European Brand Advocate


Glenn McGuinness

Senior Advisor


Policies and Procedures

In 2020, our efforts focused on communicating with our customers after travel plans were thrown into disarray around the world. We’re proud of our customer-first response, including providing refunds and credits as the circumstances required. You can read our communication in this time here.

Every trip is different, so we focus on each customer

Our dedicated Customer Service team is on hand to answer any questions you have throughout your entire journey with us. From itinerary ideas to ticket suggestions to questions at the gate of your event, we know it’s important to be responsive. So, we’ve made this a high priority.