About Sports Where I Am

Sports Where I Am is a travel service for sports fans who are visiting a new city: a place to find all of the information you need relating to sports events at your destination.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we have been helping sports fans have amazing sporting experiences since 2012.

The Problem

Travel planning used to be difficult before SWIAMWhen creating SWIAM, our founders realised that sports fans around the world often faced the same issues when planning overseas travels:

■ We’d spend significant time and effort trying to find out all of the different sports happening during our trip

■ We were overpaying for food, seats & merchandise at games (and getting it wrong)

■ We were missing out on unique, authentic experiences on trips because it was hard to find reliable information

The Solution: Sports Where I Am

Through the SWIAM Website and Mobile App, we provide the solution:

Save time and don’t miss anything
■ We compiled over 55,000 events from over 200 cities worldwide into one database

Get advice from locals to make the most of your gameday
■ We got advice from local experts for over 430 stadiums worldwide

Get the complete experience
■ We know that your gameday involves more than just your ticket – it’s about who you go with, where you stay, how you get there, what you do before and after, what you wear to the game, what you eat and what the crowd is like – so we continue to expand the SWIAM platform

swiam puts all schedules in the one place

What we believe

At Sports Where I Am, we believe that you can make every game an event.

We want to empower sports fans with the information they need to have the most authentic and memorable game experience possible during their travels, no matter where they are in the world.

By doing so, we hope to turn your game into an event to be remembered.