The 34 minutes of destruction

1101 Russell Street Baltimore, Maryland
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The 34 minutes of destruction:

In 2012, The Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49’s in Super Bowl XLVII by only 3 points. Now this Super Bowl is famous for a few things, the Harbaugh brothers facing off, Ray Lewis’s retirement, the Destiny’s Child reunion but most notably, the 34 minute power outage that happened in the 3rd quarter. There was a lot of controversy and conspiracy surrounding the event and I was one the first to be cautious. I left the occupancy I was originally watching the game at to see what was happening downtown and how they were taking it. Just as I had thought, by the time I hit North Charles the streets were filling, people were barking and the dogs were yelling at each other. Fights were breaking out in sports bars on the subject of this being all Lewis’s doing to hype his retirement, a neck to neck roller-coaster ride of a football to keep people excited enough to keep throwing money at the NFL because lord knows the league has been slacking in holding people’s attention and not have half of the nation hate the NFL due from poor player conduct to rule and uniform changes. After the power went back on at the stadium, the mood subdued slightly. It’s safe to say that Baltimore was in pre-rioting conditions until the final score game in. Then what started as anger quickly turned into a celebration for the masses. It was like Mardi Gras everyone left whatever bar they were in, drinks in hand, and took to the streets to party. After about another solid 34 minutes of window and bottle breaking, the people who protect this city had to call a close to the action happening in fear that greater destruction was inevitable. I know all of this didn’t exactly happen at our local M&T Bank Stadium but I guess the point of this little tale is that Baltimore’s sports fans are some the most serious in the country. They don’t pussyfoot or flip flop on their home teams whenever they start to suck (here’s looking at you Miami, you spineless bandwagoners). Yes, Baltimoreans give a new meaning to the phrase “these colors don’t run”. Their hearts are Black, being constantly pumped by Orange blood.

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