Best restaurants near Villa Park?

Villa Park is a venue in or near Birmingham that is most often used for Soccer

Everything that's within a few minutes' walk of the stadium probably can't be listed under the heading of "best restaurants”… However, if you can travel back into Birmingham, choices abound!MyLahore undoubtedly serves some of the finest food in Birmingham. It's barely a ten minute walk from the stadium and offers a unique blend of Asian and British cuisine, so there's a meal for every mood!A little less well-known is Modu, a little Asian restaurant whose menu is filled to the brim with authentic Korean dishes and the staff can tell you all about the customs and history of Korean gastronomy. Fascinating place, with great food.

The area around Villa Park is unfortunately a bit impoverished and you will be hard pressed to find any great restaurants. If you don't fancy walking too far then The Aston Tavern and The Barton Arms are both good options - with The Barton Arms specializing in some great spicy Thai food.If you do want a great meal - you will have to jump into a cab and make your way into Birmingham itself. England's second city - Birmingham has a wealth of great restaurants! 24 Carat Bistro offers up some great Caribbean spices, and if you are looking to try something new, head to Two Cats Kitchen - who give Eastern European food an upmarket twist.If you are in the mood for celebrating though - make a reservation for 'Adams' - an award winning restaurant, this will set you back a bit but it's worth it. Try the £80 tasting menu.