Best and worst seats at Fenway Park?

Fenway Park is a venue in or near Boston that is most often used for Baseball

Diehard fans tend to sit in the bleachers, where things can get raucous (to say the least). In 2002, Fenway added 274 seats atop the beloved Green Monster, which are extremely popular. Field Boxes, also known as the "lower bowl,” have excellent views and are coveted among fans with money to spend. Many season-ticket holders sit in the Loge Box, to the right of home plate. Other hardcore fans tend to congregate in Section 40, close to center field. Some Grandstand seats have slightly obstructed views due to poles. Fans recommend visiting, which ranks every seat in the park based on sightlines.

Obviously seats behind home plate are great, just like they would be at any stadium … but this is Fenway! You've got to try your best to catch a game from the Green Monster. The seats are unbelievable. They provide you the most unique way to view a game in baseball – a great view of the game while overlooking the entire ballpark. You might even get a homerun ball your way. They come with a price, but if you're on a budget you can get standing room and still have a bar to stand and watch at.The bleachers are the last place you want to sit at Fenway. Besides being as far away from home plate as possible, you can also roast in the sun all day if it's a day game. For the same price you can get standing room behind home plate, which I'd take all day over bleachers.

The best seats are of course on the Green Monster in left field. After that any seat is special and worth every buck. There are some seats that are blocked out or partial view so make sure to check that out before buying tickets.