Ginn and Newton beat Brady and Gronk

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Ginn and Newton beat Brady and Gronk:

I saw the New England Patriots take on the Carolina Panthers on a Monday Night game.  The Panthers ended up winning 24-20 thanks to a 83-yard touchdown march, capped by Cam Newton’s bullet to Ted Ginn Jr., with 59 seconds left. Then the great Tom Brady directed New England downfield for a last-gasp throw from inside Carolina’s 20. Brady targeted “Gronk” in the end zone, but Panthers middle linebacker bear-hugged him and safety Robert Lester intercepted the pass. An official threw a flag to call pass interference and it looked like the Patriots would get one final play from the one yard line. Unfortunately for the Pats, the officials huddled and waved it off, saying “Gronk” wouldn’t have caught the ball anyway and that the interception stood.

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