'The jerseys on fans who love their Bulls'

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‘The jerseys on fans who love their Bulls’:

Not everyone gets an opportunity to get out and see a game so I take every time I do to heart. It’s really awesome to be a fan of a pair of teams that have had so much success as the Bulls and Blackhawks have had over the years. When Tommy Edwards, the Bulls public address announcer, asks the crowd to say defense together that’s exactly what they do. If Edwards has the audio tracker on the jumbotron and he wants the Madhouse on Madison to get crazy that get super loud, it really is a nice environment to be a part of. The Bulls have been lucky to have some talented players wear a black and red uniform in the franchise’s history. It’s awesome to see the Steve Kerr, Jay Williams, B.J. Armstrong, Jamal Crawford, and Jalen Rose uniforms among so many more on backs and in the building. It’s nice to be able to walk around the UC and see some of these jerseys on fans who love their Bulls.

I would have to say my recent trip to the United Center was one of my best memories there. My girlfriend and I went to a Bulls date with the Phoenix Suns as a Christmas gift to me last year.
It was just so relaxing to be able to spend the night with her and see Chicago get a victory. Joakim Noah was so aggressive on the glass; the big man grabbed 15 rebounds and chipped in nine points in the winning effort. I already was a huge fan of  Goran Dragic, but seeing him just blow by defenses in person was incredible. The point guard went for 21 points on 47% shooting in the five point loss. We got so many great photos of us standing in front of the court; it was an overall nice night I’ll always remember.

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