Best bars after the game at Guaranteed Rate Field?

Guaranteed Rate Field is a venue in or near Chicago that is most often used for Baseball

The ChiSox Bar and Grill is probably the best post-game option for any Sox fan, but you can find other terrific establishments near the ballpark. Turtle's Bar and Grill, located at 238 West 33rd Street, offers fantastic burgers and great beer at good prices. Other options include several delicious Italian dishes, including linguni and clam sauce and meatball subs. The relatively small size of Turtle's offers a calming atmosphere for fans looking to wind down after the ballgame.

You will have to travel a few blocks away from the stadium to get to them, but there are several terrific post-game bar options around Guaranteed Rate Field. Cork and Kerry at the Park, located at 3258 S. Princeton Ave., is a signature Irish pub that is sure to be a fit for anyone winding down after a long ballgame. Located at 1725 W. Division St., The Anthem Bar is a sports bar decked out in '70s wood paneling and loaded with delicious food items, perfect for the nostalgic baseball fan.