Everybody Loves an Opening Day

2401 Ontario St, Cleveland, OH 44115, United States
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Everybody Loves an Opening Day:

One of my most memorable times at Progressive Field was opening day April 2011. On this day the Chicago White Sox had entered Tribe Town. It was a sunny day which I planned on taking full advantage of since these days are few and far between in Cleveland for the time of year. I left work early that day with a group of friends and headed downtown for the Tribe game and a day of good Cleveland fun. We had lunch at a local spot and then headed to the stadium. It was my first time sitting in the bleacher seats. This section is where the Tribe’s number one fan sits; the man that attends every game, faithfully playing his drum, the true epitome of a loyal Cleveland sports fan. A man next to me offered me his Little Debbie Snack Cake out of his pocket (strange) that I politely turned down. My friends and I ended the day at the Thirsty Parrot across the street to continue the festivities. We lost that day; however, that is not what jogs my memory the most about this game. The atmosphere, the memories with friends, and the Tribe is what makes this a memorable game for me.

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