Jason, Jamal, and Jimmy

2500 Victory Ave, Dallas, TX 75219, United States
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Jason, Jamal, and Jimmy:

I saw a game back in the early 1990s with Jason Kidd, Jim Jackson, and Jamal Mashburn when they were all young rookies and you thought the Mavericks had a real shot at becoming a contender in a few years.  They were so fast and athletic and the games that year were really fun to watch.  Unfortunately, Mashburn and Jackson became flops and Kidd took the first bus out of dodge even though we did get Nash for him.  It’s funny how those two kept switching point guard jobs and Kidd actually ended with a ring in Dallas.  The Mavs games have always been a blast and American Airlines is a top notch arena thanks to Mark Cuban and his willingness to take care of his fans and team.

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