East Hartford for Margaritas please!

615 Silver Ln, East Hartford, CT 06118, United States
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East Hartford for Margaritas please!:

A group of friends and I graduated from University of Connecticut together many years ago and we all decided to get together back home after most of us moving out of the area.  What a better thing to do than to attend a game at our old stomping grounds.  We did a bit of tailgating before the game where we surprisingly ran into some other friends we went to school with that still currently live in the area.  Catching up was a blast.  Inside the field it was like all those memories, sights, smells, and familiar cheers came flooding back.  It was like coming home – literally.  It’s great to see the student section packed in support of our team.  We took some time to visit the Connecticut High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame which is located there.  After the game we drove over to East Hartford for drinks at Margaritas.  We’ve now vowed to make this a yearly experience.

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