XL Lounge Baby!

1 Civic Center Plaza, Hartford, CT 06120, United States
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XL Lounge Baby!:

The last time I attended a game at the XL Center was before some of the updates had been made.  I have to say I was really impressed by the changes and I’m sure it has probably impacted attendance at their events in a positive way.  While we had excellent seats, we ended up spending most of our time with friends in the new XL Lounge.  The game was fairly crowded with a lot of families so maybe that’s why there was plenty of empty seats in the lounge although we were happy about that.  We had a clear view of the arena, the drinks were good, and we had great service.  While being in our seats would have put us closer to the action and the sights and sounds, we were really content where we were.  More venues should implement this brilliant idea.  It was a 10 minute walk to our car and navigating traffic that was exiting the venue wasn’t too bad.

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