Dodger fan triumphs gloriously

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Dodger fan triumphs gloriously:

You know how you always see those silly sketches they show on the jumbotron during baseball games? You never really think about who they get to do those sketches, but the reality is, there’s a whole team of people who think about it, recruit fans and execute hilarity. My good friend Spencer was once an intern at Dodgers Stadium in the fan engagement and marketing department. His brainchild was to have a Dodgers fan triumph gloriously over the opposing team in a silly sketch. Ultimately, this involved someone taking their shirt off with a massive Dodgers logo hand painted on their chest. Needless to say, I happened to be at the game where his sketch was to be played out, but as a die hard Phillies fan, would never be caught dead with such a thing. I enlisted my friend Scott, a Thousand Oaks native. I’ll never forget the look on the surrounding fans’ faces as he ripped his shirt off in Dodger glory as the sketch played to stadium wide uproarious applause.

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