Aussie tail-gating?

Melbourne Cricket Ground, Brunton Avenue, Richmond, Victoria, Australia
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Aussie tail-gating?:

So many to chose from!!! There’s the Australia vs Iran World Cup Qualifier in 1997 when the Socceroos blew a 2-0 lead to draw 2-2 sending the Iranian’s through to the 1998 World Cup finals in France. There’s the 2nd game of the 2015 State of Origin in front of a record crowd which saw NSW beat the Qld’s, and there are too many AFL games to mention. Don’t start me on the Boxing Day test either!

The most special for me though is the annual ANZAC Day game held at the ‘G’ between Collingwood and Essendon. I don’t support either club, in fact I don’t really like either of them at all, but there’s something about ANZAC Day that makes it very special. Our day starts before dawn at the Shrine of Remembrance for the Dawn Service, Y & J’s for a breaky beer, grab our seats in the members, and head back out to my van in the carpark for some Aussie tail-gating!

The game itself really takes a back seat to the mateship and camaraderie in the true ANZAC spirit and it’s the single event I look forward to the most every year.

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