"Never on TV again"

Stade Saputo - Impact de Montréal, Montreal, QC, Canada
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“Never on TV again”:

Our daughter decided to do her high school senior project on the history of the Olympic Games.  We live outside of Montreal, which tends to be busy with horrible traffic but decided to venture into the city so she could experience it and gather her data for her project.  My wife and I hadn’t been in the heart of that part of town for years so it was a great reminder for us, as well.  We took an entire day to explore the culture, the sights, and the friendly and welcoming people.  On our trip, we made sure to go to an Impact soccer game.  It rained on and off that day but there was plenty of cover and honestly – nothing could spoil the enthusiasm we had along with the rest of the crowd.  I may never be content to watch a match on TV again.  The stadium was packed, the fans were on fire, the team played hard and won, and this family came away out of breath and with such an awesome memory of this day.

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