Chilly Gridiron Chronicles

1 Titans Way, Nashville, TN 37213, United States
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Chilly Gridiron Chronicles:
Walking across the Korean Veterans Blvd bridge, it has been a while since I attended an NFL football game live.  This, also, was my first-ever football game attended outdoors.  It was an overcast evening – roughly 35 degrees at kickoff.  I thought I was appropriately dressed.  I was relatively warm walking to my seat, and as I sat down to watch the Tennessee Titans host the Arizona Cardinals on December 15, 2013, I was intrigued.
For me, this franchise, when I was younger, belonged to Houston … and was called the Oilers.  So imagine my surprise to see Oiler greats posted up on the Nissan Stadium (then LP Field) walls – men I grew up loving in my youth.  Now, they are in a stadium/city where most of the fan base couldn’t truly appreciate them.  I had time to check out these details because the aforementioned Titans were mightily struggling to finish the year on a high note.
Also noticeable was my limbs getting colder by the minute.  It got to the point where I performed a mind-over-matter scenario.  Unfortunately, the Titans play couldn’t keep me warm as the Cardinals were up 34-17 when my friend and I left the stadium.  The stadium, itself, is gorgeous.  It is next to the Cumberland River overlooking downtown Nashville and all points north of town.  The seats were great – and I enjoyed my time there.
Oh – as for the game?  The Titans came back to force overtime with a Hail Mary completion for a touchdown – only to lose the game 37-34.  The most exciting part of that game happened after I left the stadium.  Poor me.
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