Saints Fans Cheer the Top off the Dome!

1500 Sugar Bowl Dr, New Orleans, LA 70112, United States
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Saints Fans Cheer the Top off the Dome!:

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to see the almighty Saints playing in the even greater Superdome. Over the years, I can remember hearing stories from several different people about how amazing a Saints game in the Dome is. All these people were absolutely correct, but never truly know until you witness a game yourself. Seeing the Saints beat the Packers in the season opener in 2014 was a great highlight. Not only did the Saints win, It was a very enjoyable experience with the Superdome facility as well.

Going anywhere in New Orleans where food and drinks mingle Is almost always asking for a nasty situation. Not in the Superdome! The multitude of workers make sure everything was as it should be, was a great relief. The best part was the clean bathrooms and plenty of toilet paper.

The best part of the experience is, hands down, the fans. Unless you are surrounded by the fans of the opposing team of course. The energy that the fans put out supporting their home is better than the mouthwatering po’boys and daiquiris you can get for many of the food stations around the Dome. The characters come out of the wood works to support their Saints in off the wall costumes and entertaining signs. This are the ones you must follow in their chants of “Who dat.”

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome is the perfect place for enjoying a Saints game, but you need to check it out for yourself.


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