Rivalry continues at Yankee Stadium

1 E 161st St, Bronx, NY 10451, United States
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Rivalry continues at Yankee Stadium:

Witnessing the longest sports rivalry in history between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Soxs at Yankee Stadium breathes excitement, builds anticipation and creates memories that last a lifetime. Bostonians who traveled hours to witness this monumental match-up, friends and families sporting rare team appeal to express their die hard loyalty to their respective teams, endless entertainment and ballpark treats all encapsulated inside beautiful Yankee Stadium. Year one of the post Derek Jeter era has begun and what better way to start it than being placed in Section 308 filled with fans who were split 50/50. The intensity between supporters of both legendary ball clubs increased as the innings progressed which turned this game into a spectacular event. The final result didn’t matter because you were a part of history.

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