The Mark Sanchez Fumble

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The Mark Sanchez Fumble:

I was at the game between my beloved New York Jets and the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving, November 22, 2012. Our infamous Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez collided with the backside of his teammate Brandon Moore and fumbled the ball, which was recovered by the Patriots’ Steve Gregory and returned for a touchdown. The play was the centerpiece of a disastrous sequence in the second quarter, as the Jets lost three fumbles and the Patriots scored three touchdowns—one each on offense, defense, and special teams—all in the span of 52 seconds of game time; in that quarter, the Jets held the ball for over 12 minutes (out of 15), but were outscored 35–3. The game and the so-called “butt fumble” in particular are remembered as the low point of the Jets’ 2012 season. The butt fumble was ranked as the most embarrassing moment in NY Jets history by ESPN.

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