Best food and drink at Metlife Stadium?

MetLife Stadium is a venue in or near New York that is most often used for Football

Nonna Fusco's Meatballs ($9) are made from beef, veal and pork. Also added are fresh garlic, fresh parsley, fresh basil, fresh breadcrumbs that are ground in-house. After they come out of oven, they're braised for about four hours with tomato sauce. Boardwalk Fryer with hot dogs ($6) and chicken tenders with fries (4 pc for $11, 3 pc for $9) and Papa John's with $10 pizza (cheese or pepperoni). The MetLife Central area has some good variety, including an Asian Noodles and Dumplings stand with fried noodles or dumplings as choices, as well as a Premium Grilled Cheese stand.

I tried the Premium Grilled Cheese ($8) and was disappointed, as I didn't find it premium at all; it had been made a few minutes earlier and was sitting on the grill. As you know, grilled cheese is best served as soon as it is ready. Soda is the one area where you might be shocked at the price, with a small pop running $5, souvenir cup costing a buck more, and a large cup at $8. Budget conscious visitors should sign up for the designated driver option, 30 seconds of your time gives you a free small soda, although it precludes you from purchasing the seriously overpriced draft beers. 

Give the Bennys Burger a miss along with cheese fries - it was cold and uneatable. The hotdogs looked like the better option. $10 souvenir soft drink cup was great value and lasted us the whole game - it is massive!!

Hi all,Great stadium to watch a game at NFL at however if your in your 20s & 30s don't forget to pack your passport so you can buy alcohol. Myself & a couple other Australians got caught when attending a Jets vs Jags game as the bar staff wouldn't serve us even though we were in our late 20s when we tried to use our Australian drivers license.Don't forgot no passport .... no pis, I mean alcohol!