Hockey at its Best

3601 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19148, United States
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Hockey at its Best:

There is nothing better than a Flyers Hockey Game at Wells Fargo. I try and make it to at least one a season, making the 2 hour drive from Baltimore to see the Broad Street Bullies!!!! It is a easy shot up I-95 and once in Philly getting to the Arena is a breeze. I always park in the stadium lots, and even when its cold there are always some great tailgate parties going on. Sporting Flyers gear will almost always guarantee you and invite to stop by for a beer, burger or brat. It is a great stadium crowd and loads of fun.

Getting into the Arena is easy as well. Lots of entrances, multiple gates, and helpful staff. I usually spend some time browsing the 47 Brand store to expand my Flyer gear. My last game I was lucky enough to gain access to the Lexus club that came with a Team Experience Tour. I highly recommend trying to get access to the premium areas, it gives you a great pre-game experience.

All of my Flyers games have been seen from the Mezzanine section, this offers the best seats for the best value. I love watching the game and experiencing all the Philly Fans as the Fly Guys take the Ice. The energy in the stadium is incredible. Occasionally you will see some fans that take things too seriously, but for the most part, it is just a high energy and fun crowd. If you are a Hockey fan,

This is the place to take in a game, then hit Pat’s, Geno’s or both and let the real Battle begin; Wiz or no Wiz!!!! (If you don’t understand that, then you have never had a Real Philly Cheesesteak!)

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