The day will come, when victory will once again be ours!

115 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, United States
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The day will come, when victory will once again be ours!:

PNC Park has been the home of the Pirates since its first official game back on April 9th 2001.  The new park and the new millennia had arrived, and all of us who are Pittsburgh Pirate fans wanted to believe that this new venue would change the luck of our beloved team.  It didn’t, and it would take more than two decades for the Pirates to enjoy even a limited life in the post season.

Pittsburgh has the unique nickname as the City of Champions, and Pittsburgher’s love their sports teams and the great venues they perform in.  PNC Park stands out as one of Major League Baseball’s great venues.  Few locations can boast its beauty, but the stadium provides more than a picturesque nature, it has become a part of the mystique and glory of baseball. 

The game, the stadium, and those who attend these events complete something more than the sum of their individual parts.  Somehow the combination transcends a simple moment in time.  Something more can be felt by those who enter the stadium on game day.  A powerful force emanates outward covering the masses that are pressed into the seats with a grace that cannot be recreated.

I know this to be true, for I have seen and felt it, and I can remember how one particular game changed the very nature of my family, and my life.  It pulled us together making us more than what we were.

The 2014 season at PNC Park began with the promise of a run for the pennant.  My step sons and I didn’t have a lot in common save for the love of the game.  Both of the boys, Luca, and Dante, were well known in our local community as great baseball players despite their young ages of 9 and 12 respectively. 

However, the three of us loved and followed the pirates.  We had been following them through the bad years, and the good years, but one night, Friday September 19th, 2014 found us at a late season game with the hopes that at long last we could conqueror the division. 

The boys and I have had a rocky relationship, but when it came to the Pirates and the games, well, we pull together as one.  We won that game that night, myself, the boys, and the Pirates, but our team ultimately lost the division in the days that followed, and then we lost the wild card game. 

We don’t fret about the losses, though.  We look at the Pirates, and we see progress.  Each year the franchise betters itself, taking steps forward, getting a bit closer to the prize.  The Pirate’s progress, I like to think, mirrors the successes of mine and my step son’s relationship.  Are our fates tied together with the fate of the Pirates and PNC Park?  Who knows?  One thing for sure, it sure can be fun to hope for the day we win.   And when the Fall Classic makes its way to PNC Park you can be sure that I will be there with my Boys at PNC Park cheering the great Pittsburgh Pirates on.

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