Haven't been...Changing that soon

1 N Center Ct St, Portland, OR 97227, United States
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Haven’t been…Changing that soon:

So this post is going to be short, as I haven’t actually been to the Moda Center yet. I run and drive past the building ALL the time, but having just moved to Portland in the winter, I haven’t had time to check Everything out.

Home of the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers and venue for numerous entertainers and events, the Moda Center is a popping place. There’s a major plus that I noticed upon stopping at the MC on a run: convenience. There are bus stops on at least 2 sides of the center, as well as TriMet MAX shuttle stops. There are plenty of places to park and lock up your bike (there are even signs directing you to “Bike Parking”). If you insist on driving, there are multiple large garages near the stadium for your vehicle, but if you’re in town…walk! Go downtown for an early dinner or maybe a drink or two with your game night/concert/event group and then venture to the Steel Bridge (one of Portland’s many bridges, hence the nickname “Bridge City”) where you have two options: cross over or cross under. Either option will take you there but it’s great to know that if you forget which one is the right route, you can’t be mistaken!

I’ve only heard great things about the Moda Center such as its cleanliness, safe surroundings, and friendly workers. A family we got close to since moving to Portland are huge Blazers fans (who isn’t around here? It’s “Rip City” for a reason) and frequently go to the MC for a Blazers game. They wouldn’t return so often if they had awful experiences and I don’t think they’d encourage my girlfriend and I to go.

So maybe we’ll go for a concert or some other event if we try to get there before basketball season. Either way, it’s worth a visit if you’re in Portland.

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