Pee-qual Rights!

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Pee-qual Rights!:

It was an exciting night at The Shark Tank when the Sharks hosted the Pittsburgh Penguins. The crowd roared “Nemo” as Antii Niemi made save after save in the tight game. But not all memorable moments happened on the ice that night. When you gotta go, you gotta go, goes the time-honored saying, and that game was no exception for fans. As usual, the line for the Women’s Rest Room was long and slow, so one woman took a stand for pee-qual rights. She boldly went where no woman had gone before, walking proudly into the Men’s Rest Room to admiring stares from women and men alike. Some women bystanders who were in line for the Women’s Rest Room looked envious, but most smiled in approval. Conversation among women turned to the common topic of how more women’s toilets are needed aka the “Pee-qual Rights Movement.” Men on the other hand, tended to laugh and be shocked that a woman would dare to penetrate their lair. When the woman returned from her mission, she looked victorious. One small step for a woman turned out to be one giant leap for womankind!

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