Suzuki and his hitting stick!

1250 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134, United States
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Suzuki and his hitting stick!:

I saw a game back in 2008 with the legendary Ichiro Suzuki who was a cult hero among the Mariner fans.  It was the hear he got 261 hits to become the all-time hit leader in one season.  It was amazing how much Ichiro got the bat on the ball.  He rarely ever struck out and when he did it was usually a bad call.  He was a great player and would have been in the hall of fame for sure if he played in the MLB .  The stadium was cool but being in Seattle they should have at least spent money on a retractable roof.  The fans were very loud and liked that the Mariners were back in the thick of things in the AL West.  I love watching the Mariners from their days at the Kingdome to their current ballpark at Safeco Field.

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