All you can eat BBQ, beers and pulled chicken nachos

1600 Fedex Way, Hyattsville, MD 20785, United States
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All you can eat BBQ, beers and pulled chicken nachos:

A friend was working for a big financial firm in NYC, actually the firm that protects owner Dan Snyder’s investments.  He couldn’t make the game so I bussed up and back for the tickets last minute. We sat in an incredible lounge with plush leather seats, all you can eat BBQ, beers and pulled chicken nachos.

Unfortunately the game became one of the biggest botched opportunities of the season.  The 10-0 Saints were in town and we had them on the ropes.

We were up 7 with the ball inside the Saints ten at the two minute warning.  They proceeded to burn all three timeouts and hold us to a fourth down field goal opportunity.

Shaun Suisam shanked a 17 yarder, giving Drew Brees 59 seconds to go 99 yards, and the future Hall of Famer capitalized with an incredible drive.

I have never heard such a massive stadium of people go so quiet.  In less than ten minutes we went from the elation of knocking off the best team in the NFL, to the agony of yet another defeat in a failed season.

 Not the brightest memory, but one I will never forget!

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