Free pizza all around!

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Free pizza all around!:

I remember when I was really young, I went to a Capitals game in the then USAir Arena (Same building, new ownership).  They were playing the Ottawa Senators, and Jerry’s Subs and Pizza had a free pizza promo deal if the Caps scored 6 goals, (How often does that happen right?).

With the Caps up 5-4 and time ticking down, the Senators pulled the keeper.  Parrying away an offensive onslaught from the Seantors, we were clinging to our one goal lead, until finally the puck leaked out of our defensive zone.

The crowd roared as the players raced for the puck, and then, as old Jerry put his head in his hands, our attacker won the race and slotted in the 6th goal with 6 seconds left.  My aunt who took us to the game, then went straight to Jerry’s and it was free pizza all around.

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