Fenway Park Sports Fan Tips

Fenway Park is a venue in or near Boston that is most often used for Baseball

Things to check out around Fenway Park?

Autograph Alley hosts a former Boston Red Sox player, coach, or personality before each home game to sign autographs free of charge. You can find Autograph Alley in the Yawkey Way Team Store.

Stores to hit up at Fenway Park?

The Red Sox's official Yawkey Way Store is your best bet for Red-Sox game gear. There are two additional stores inside the park at Gate D (behind Home Plate) and Gate B (Right Field). These stores are only open during Red Sox home games.

Best insider tip for Fenway Park?

Neil Diamond's classic "Sweet Caroline” is played during every game, in the middle of the eighth inning. Some fans love it; some hate it; but most everyone sings along. Make sure you freshen up on this iconic song so that you can sing along in the stands.

What to expect from the Fenway Park crowd?

Red Sox fans are loyal, passionate and loud. There's also the scrappy toughness that comes from years of missing out on the World Series title, which endures despite the recent wins. Crowds are generally gregarious, friendly and intense. You don't want to get into an argument with a Sox fan because they know their stats and their history cold. Cynical Sox lovers say that you can spot fair-weather fans by their pink caps. 

Artifacts to look for at Fenway Park?

This is Fenway! You're walking around in the artifact!

Best pre-game bars at Fenway Park?

Lansdowne Street and Brookline Avenue bars like 'Game On' and the 'Cask 'n Flagon' tend to attract tourists, thanks to their proximity to the park. To avoid crowds, try spots a few blocks out like 'The Lower Depths', which has a huge array of customizable tater tots, or 'Cornwall's', a hangout for diehard fans. People usually arrive a couple of hours before game time, and Fenway's gates open 90 minutes prior.

Best and worst seats at Fenway Park?

Diehard fans tend to sit in the bleachers, where things can get raucous (to say the least). In 2002, Fenway added 274 seats atop the beloved Green Monster, which are extremely popular. Field Boxes, also known as the "lower bowl,” have excellent views and are coveted among fans with money to spend. Many season-ticket holders sit in the Loge Box, to the right of home plate. Other hardcore fans tend to congregate in Section 40, close to center field. Some Grandstand seats have slightly obstructed views due to poles. Fans recommend visiting preciseseating.com, which ranks every seat in the park based on sightlines.

Traffic around Fenway Park?

Driving isn't the best idea because of traffic and extremely expensive parking. If you have to drive then try and find street parking on Beacon.

Parking at Fenway Park?

If you have to drive, plan ahead, leave early, and bring lots of cash if you want to park near the park. The Red Sox web site has a list of garages and lots within walking distance to Fenway. If you don't mind walking, the further away you are from the park, the cheaper it will be. You also have a shot at beating some of the traffic jams around the park after the game.

Safety at Fenway Park?

The fans can be rowdy and rude, especially during Yankee games but for the most part they are friendly and are very knowledgeable about the game. There is a lot of security, especially since the Boston bombing during the marathon. I have never felt unsafe at a game or around it.

Best giveaways at Fenway Park?

The bobble heads of David Ortiz was always very popular. They also give out t-shirts, hats, baseball cards, soft coolers, miniature bats. Get in early for your best chance!

Getting to Fenway Park?

Getting to Fenway is not easy. Your best bet is to take the train, so you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for parking. Either way, leave early so you can have plenty of time before the game to sample the food stands on Yawkey Way and walk through the park before settling (or cramming) into your seats. Take the Green Line to Kenmore. If you're on the D line, you have the Fenway stop as an option as well. There are seven bus routes available. The 8, 19, 47, 55, 57, 60, and 65.

Best food at Fenway Park?

The Fenway Frank is a must-have. It's available at every food stand. We have a hometown bias for it here. The Sausage Connection is a local institution that serves sausages (what else?) laden with peppers and onions—plus an array of hot sauces. Opt for the stinging Inner Beauty sauce. As of 2014, hometown chain let Tasty Burger is the official burger of Fenway. As such, the Third Base Deck's lower level has a new Tasty Burger stand with hamburgers and shakes in vanilla, chocolate and Green Monster mint. There's also waiter service at high-top tables next to windows that overlook Lansdowne Street. Tasty is beloved for its wackily topped burgers (Fritos, jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks), and they'll be asking fans to request special game-day burgers via social media.

Best bars after the game at Fenway Park?

The Lower Depths Tap Room - This laidback dive is popular with college students, suburbanites who want to relive their days of urban glory and fans of tater tots (the bar is famous for its tater tot platters). There are more than 150 bottles and a rotating selection of 16 drafts. It's also a great place to pig out on ballpark fare without paying ballpark prices. Get the "White Trash” hot dog topped with beer cheese dip ($6) and tater tot poutine ($11). It's cash only.Cornwall's Pub - This cheery, unassuming spot is a block from Fenway Park—yet it manages to feel like a find. The British pub is a bit louder and rowdier than The Lower Depths, making it a good choice for a group of fans. And it's tough to go wrong with a $6 pint of Guinness.

Dealing with scalpers at Fenway Park?

Lansdowne Street is the area where you will find the most scalpers and, if you can't get a ticket there, you can still see the game without one. Just be ready to drink—a lot. The Bleacher Bar on Lansdowne is literally built into the outfield wall, under the bleachers. You can sit there and watch the game as long as you are still drinking. If you stay the whole time, your tab will probably be higher than your ticket would've been, and you're not allowed to take any pictures, but it's still a fun bar and pretty good last resort.