Madison Square Garden Sports Fan Tips

Madison Square Garden, colloquially known as The Garden or in initials as MSG, is a multi-purpose indoor arena in New York City. Located in Midtown Manhattan between 7th and 8th Avenues from 31st to 33rd Streets, it is situated atop Pennsylvania Station.

Safety at Madison Square Garden?

Safety at the game is at an all-time high. There are security guards throughout the building, especially on the lower levels. You are searched upon entering the stadium and attendants are pretty good about removing rowdy patrons.

Best giveaways at Madison Square Garden?

They giveaway t-shirts, keychains, posters, hats, miniature hockey sticks, backpacks, bobbleheads, coolers, etc. The different tournaments also usually give you some memento as well.

Best bars near Madison Square Garden?

The Blarney Block Pub on 137 W 33rd Street is just a three-minute walk from MSG yields this Rangers fan command post with plenty of screens for game-viewing and a rooftop bar stocked with all the standards. There are a lot of Blarneys in this town, but this one's probably the best.

Traffic around Madison Square Garden?

This is New York and you are downtown so make sure to either leave early or stay until the end. If you wait long enough, you might see your favorite star come out of the stadium for a quick bite or drink.

Madison Square Garden seating?

Anything courtside is the way to go but that means you have to spend countless dollars. If you are trying to get the best bang for the buck, I suggest Section 214. You are still close but the drop in price well outweighs sitting with the big boys. Sections 1, 2 and 8 are at the ends of the court and really bad - you will be able to see much of only the half of the game at that end. 225 is way too far away from the action and I wouldn't pay for these seats.

Best insider tip for Madison Square Garden?

Celebrate Madison Square Garden's Transformation and get an insider's look at the World's Most Famous Arena with the All Access Tour. This tour allows you to explore the new state-of-the-art arena and commemorate over 130 years of legendary Garden history. The tour also allows you to visit Knicks and Rangers locker rooms, experience VIP treatment in new luxury suites, relive historic moments with the MSG 'Defining Moments' exhibit and much more!

Artifacts to look for at Madison Square Garden?

All-access daily tours go behind the scenes, and a series of plaques commemorate the achievements of athletes and performers on the Walk of Fame.

Best food and drink at Madison Square Garden?

Favourites include - Sausage Boss: Star chef Andrew Carmellini consulted on this sausage stand, and man, they grill up some good dogs. The one to get here is the pork sausage "pizzaiolo," with sweet peppers, tomatoes and onions. The cheddar-stuffed bratwurst is also delicious. Daily Burger: Restaurateur Drew Nieporent, the king of Tribeca, operates this burger shack. Drew put some thought into the burgers here: the meat is a custom blend Pat La Frieda patty — a blend of brisket, short rib and chuck — topped with bacon jam and cheesy sauce. This is one of the best things to bring back to your seat. (Two locations on Level 6: 106 and 115). Hill Country: One of New York's most respected Barbecue joints has a stand in MSG, serving their delicious smoked brisket on a potato bun, and a sandwich of medium-rare prime rib, with jus, on a roll. Exactly what you want to eat when you're watching the game. (107) 

Things to check out around Madison Square Garden?

Some great things to check out near the garden- highline elevated park is a couple of blocks walk away- bryant park is also a couple of blocks away- for something different chelsea market is a couple of stops away on the subway and can be a great place for a fees

Stores to hit up at Madison Square Garden?

The Knicks fan store is just on the right as you enter MSG and can be jam packed before the game, prices are surprisingly okay and there is some things in there you just can't buy anywhere else. There is a smaller store at stadium level which also has some good specials.

What to expect from the Madison Square Garden crowd?

This is New York and the crowds can be rowdy at times for their beloved Knickerbockers but overall they like to cheer hard and have fun at opposing fans and players. You will also see celebrities on the first row and the always entertaining Spike Lee harassing the referees and opposing players/coaches.

Best restaurants near Madison Square Garden?

Pennsylvania 6, 132 W 31st St, offers up an extensive collection of craft drafts and bottles, plus legitimately good food like beer-braised short ribs. And with giant projection screens, it's just like a regular sports bar but, like, times six!!

Dealing with scalpers at Madison Square Garden?

It is not acceptable to deal with scalpers. It is highly discouraged since there are a lot of on duty and undercover officers looking to bust people engaging in this activity. 

Madison Square Garden parking?

This being New York City, there are not many places to park a car. A few blocks away from the Garden there is a lot that charges $30 for any 6 hours. It is located at 9 W. 31st Street.

Directions to Madison Square Garden?

The aforementioned train station that sits underneath MSG is no small thing, because it means you can reach it from many, many points in and around New York City. Penn Station is served by the New York subway, Amtrak, New Jersey Transit, PATH, Long Island Rail Road and bus lines, and from the station all it takes to get into the Garden is an ascent up an escalator or some stairs. Right outside the station on Seventh Avenue, you can count on finding a gaggle of taxis waiting for fares. Why anyone would drive themselves to a game at MSG is beyond me.