Providence Park Sports Fan Tips

Providence Park is a venue in or near Portland that is most often used for Soccer

Best food and drink at Providence Park?

Within the stadium there is limited food but the traditional items are available. We're talking nachos, french fries, burgers, hotdogs, (both burgers and dogs available vegan as well) chicken fingers, popcorn, candy, etc. Specialty pizza is available and so are a varied selection of local microbrews, import and domestic beer and other drinks such as soda.

Things to check out around Providence Park?

The bars! There are so many bars and restaurants around Providence Park. My advice for if you go to a match: get a beer (or two) but don't fill up on the food. Go with your girls, guys, or family to one of the many restaurants or bars that are open late with open arms for the Timbers crowd to stop in! And if you are around Providence Park in the daytime before a game there are some things to see just a quick bus ride or drive away: -Shops and cafes on NW 23rd; Pittock Mansion (will need to drive to get their; Henry Pittock started Oregon's Oregonian newspaper); downtown (always something happening down at Pioneer Square; the waterfront (several blocks away, but if you don't mind the bus or if you have a bike, it's a hop, skip, and a jump away). Plus, plenty of shops, food carts, and plazas/parks to enjoy as well. If you enjoy people watching then that'll take up half your time alone!  

Best insider tip for Providence Park?

Here's a good one: Do what you can to wait to eat after the event/game/match. There are just so many restaurants and bars that serve up better grub than Providence Park (no offense PP!). Grab a beer or two and maybe a snack, but definitely don't end the night when you exit the stadium!

Safety at Providence Park?

This section of Portland is actually a very safe area. There is a security and police presence, but just the right amount to ensure safety and not make you think something is wrong or happening. It's a very open area; no alleyways or creepy areas. People are there to either enjoy the game or enjoy watching the crowds. The last thing that's on my mind when I'm by Providence Park is my safety.

What to expect from the Providence Park crowd?

If you're sitting in the Timbers Army section, expect ruckus and loud cheering and chanting. Other than that, the other seats are actually pretty mellow. You can hear the Timbers Army with its chants and drumming, but you can't make out the words. It's kind of just noise really. The kind of noise that can pump you up without giving you a headache. Don't expect any risk of danger (but don't show up in a Seattle or Vancouver shirt either!).

Stores to hit up at Providence Park?

The Timbers fan shop! And the Thorns (Women's pro team) fan shop! Get the best gear and merchandise from these shops. Of course, you're spending a bit more, but on the bright side, you're supporting the team and the city of Portland!

Best bars near Providence Park?

Bars, bars, bars. Portland is where you want to be for these. -Head to the Civic Taproom and bottle shop and while they don't serve food, they encourage you to bring in your own, or order food from neighboring Boise Fry Company at the bar and they'll deliver it! So cool..So Portland! -Driftwood Bar- ntimate bar located in the Hotel DeLuxe; Portland landmark -The Bitter End- a family owned pub and sports bar near the gates of the Park -Head to Uno Mas for a full bar with a focus on tequila. The drinks they pour tend to be on the strong side, but hey...that just means you'll probably end up ordering more $2 mini tacos to gorge on! There are many more bars so if those don't please you, I'm sure one around Providence Park will.

Dealing with scalpers at Providence Park?

I actually didn't experience many scalpers when I went. Nothing like when I was living back in New Jersey and going to Yankees games. Maybe that's why I didn't notice them? You shouldn't have to worry. People in Portland aren't hecklers in my experience. NYC and parts of NJ? I've seen hecklers.

Best restaurants near Providence Park?

You've got plenty of options to choose from when it comes to food and Portland, even if you narrow the area to Providence Park: -Driftwood Room at the Hotel Deluxe where every home game they offer a special $7 "Game Day Clubhouse" menu with incredible American favorites (mac&Cheese, burgers, ribs, etc.) -Want to go Mexican? Head to Uno Mas for some fast-casual taqueria offers a nice lineup of "little" tacos and you can get 'em cheap! -Petunia's Bakery is also nearby. Don't let the name fool you. Petunia's offers up a dinner menu and an alcohol menu in addition to their deserts and pastries so you can get your grub on before and/or after the game! I can literally go on and on. Let's just say, you are not short on places to go!

Artifacts to look for at Providence Park?

There is some cool artwork surrounding the stadium. A huge smiling face is right at the front gate. Some other sculptures are around as well. These count as artifacts right??

Providence Park seating?

You have two options during a Timbers game. 1) Sit in the Timbers Army section. This is really "Stand" in the section as they are way too spirited to sit unless it's halftime. And 2) any other seat that is not in the Timbers Army section. If you are going to enjoy a game with family, parents, children, or someone who wouldn't appreciate being part of a party at a soccer game, then the TA section probably isn't best..

Providence Park parking?

Not too much by way of parking unless you want to drive some blocks away, feed the meter throughout the match (if you find a meter space), or pay to park at a lot and then still walk a few blocks to the stadium. You're best bet is to take the MAX shuttle or a TriMet bus line directly to the stadium. You can also bike, bus halfway and walk, or walk the entire way (not far if you are in a hotel downtown).

Best giveaways at Providence Park?

I have not received any or seen any. I know they do have giveaways and they are the typical policy where it's first 100-200 or so that arrive, gets a special merchandise or perhaps a coupon to somewhere. You can definitely check out the website for promotional giveaways!

Directions to Providence Park?

Providence Park is located at 1844 SW Morrison in downtown Portland, bordering the Northwest and Southwest districts of the city between 20th and 18th Avenues on Morrison Street. The Park is located just off I-405.   Directions from around Portland: From South -Travel I-5 NORTH to I-405 exit 299B toward City Center/US-26 West/Beaverton -Merge onto I-405 North via exit 1A -Take Providence Park/Salmon St. exit 2A -Turn slight RIGHT onto SW 14th Ave. -Turn LEFT onto SW Taylor St. -Turn RIGHT onto SW 18th Ave. -Turn LEFT onto SW Morrison St. to stadium From North -Travel I-5 SOUTH to I-405 exit 302B toward Beaverton/US-30 West -Merge onto I-405 SOUTH exit 302B to Couch St. exit 2A -Take exit 2A to Burnside -Proceed STRAIGHT to 15th Ave. -Turn RIGHT on Morrison St. to the stadium From West -Travel US-26E -Take Canyon Rd. exit toward Providence Park. Merge onto SW Jefferson St. -Turn LEFT at SW 20th Ave to stadium From East -Travel I-84W -Take the I-5 S exit on the LEFT toward SALEM/BEAVERTON -Take the exit toward CITY CENTER/MORRISON ST. -Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto MORRISON BRIDGE -Stay STRAIGHT to go onto ramp -Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto SW WASHINGTON ST. -Turn LEFT onto SW 13th AVE. -Turn RIGHT onto SW MORRISON ST. -End at 1844 SW Morrison St.

Traffic around Providence Park?

On game day, yes! Busing or taking the MAX shuttle directly to the stadium are great options. If you can bus and walk or bike halfway (or walk or bike all the way) these are even better options! The highways surrounding Portland (too many to count!) are crawling when it gets close to match time so try to be around the area a few hours in advance just to be safe.