Jun 05 2017

Hotels near United Center

The United Center is to be found in Chicago’s West Loop. As a district, it is pretty central and as such, there are a tonne of choices of hotels and hostels for you to pick from! It’s status as one of the biggest cities in America really benefits visitors with there being some affordable options! … Read More

Jun 05 2017

Hotels near Bobby Dodd Stadium

There is quite a variety of hotels in the area of Atlanta around the Bobby Dodd Stadium. This variety will suit a number of budgets and tastes to make sure that you not only have the best time at the game that you can – but that your wallet is still full and your legs … Read More

Mar 20 2017

Hotels near Madison Square Garden

Sky bar at the Arlo Hotel. Source: myboutiquehotel.com Now , you might have heard that Manhattan isn’t exactly the cheapest place in the world, and a night or two in a hotel could cause your budget to skyrocket. Now you might embrace that fact – you’re not in New York City for a sporting event … Read More